Winter Trips 2014-2015!

Arizona Grand Canyon Hiking
Looking for something to do over Reading Week? Hike the Grand Canyon with MOC! The trip will be from Feb 12- Feb 22, with five days spent hiking below the rim of the Canyon. We will be travelling to the location by train. Once there we will be hiking along some of the trails and camping in the canyon. Over 5 days you will get a chance to see the lovely scenery and geography of the canyon while climbing all the way down and back up its nearly mile deep canyon. At the end of the trip we will enjoy a day in Vegas before flying back home. Do remember that this is a proper hiking and camping trip. that means we will be carrying all of our stuff in and out, hiking for much of the day, camping under the stars, and living the life in the natural environment without electricity. Missing some gear? No worries, the club has plenty of stuff that can be borrowed from sleeping bags to hiking packs. (though do remember that proper hiking boots are mandatory for all participants)

When:  Feb 12 to Feb 22, 2015

Who: Everyone! this is open to all Mac and Non Mac Students and Alumni … not a student? no problem, give us an email and we can chat.

Cost: $1250.00 with outdoor club membership ($50 for the membership)
Cost includes: all transportation and accommodations, all food during the hike portion of the trip. permits and equipment fees.
Cost does not include: meals on the way to and from the canyon, visa, or other misc. costs.

Difficulty: challenging, but don’t be scared off, this is a challenge worth taking. the leaders conduct an assessment of all participants before registration is permitted to ensure they are capable.


Algonquin Dog Sledding (4 dates January/Feb) Interested in doing some out of doors winter activities? We’ll go dog sledding on the north west side of Algonquin Park, Ontario famous for its spectacular forests, breath-taking landscape, and abundant Canadian wild-life. No experience required. An unforgettable experience 🙂

Big Bend National Park Whitewater Canoe Trip  Mysterious and intimate, Mariscal Canyon is the most remote canyon within Big Bend National Park.  1800 foot limestone spired walls rise majestically above you.  Splash through the Rock Pile and Tight Squeeze rapids.  The trip continues through San Vicente Canyon and on to Rio Grande Village.  Along the way enjoy picturesque scenery and perhaps a stop at the hot springs for a soak in the “healing waters”. As we continue the journey past Rio Grande Village and the Mexican village of Boquillas you might see Mexican cowboys or goat herders tending their herds. And then its on to the entrance of Boquillas Canyon, delivering you into thirty-three miles of tranquility and beauty.  Cutting through the Sierra Del Carmen mountains, Boquillas Canyon offers calm, gentle rapids with beautiful vistas and a multitude of side canyons to explore. Dates: December 27th, 2014 – January 5th, 2015 Start time: 2:30am December 27th, 2014 End time: 1:00am January 5th, 2015

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