Summer Trips 2015!

Killarney Kayaking


Cootes Paradise Canoeing


Algonquin Summer Canoeing

Algonquin is always a treasure to explore any time of the year. Come with us as we go on an intense canoe trip. There will be a few portages and few streams, plenty of sun and plenty of lake. The trip departs Friday morning and we will be on the water that afternoon, camping 2 nights in the park we will have 3 great long days of some sweet canoeing. (The trip is flexible so we can take some easy detours if need be on the second day). If you are looking for a bit of a longer canoe trip than what we do in the fall, this is the one for you – 3 full days! Some canoe experience is appreciated and be ready to put in a good days work.


Bruce Pen Backpacking

Spend 2 amazing days in the backcountry as we hike throughout Bruce Peninsula National Park. We will Depart from McMaster on Friday evening at 5:30pm and reach our site late at night. Early next morning we will head to our 2nd camp site located on the rocky shores of the pen and take several day hikes from there. You will get a chance to visit the caves, swim in the grotto, and enjoy the pristine-ness that is nature!! Sunday will be a chill day, either stay at the campsite and take a swim, or head out on some local trails before departing after lunch. We will be arriving back at McMaster roughly around 8-10pm.


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