Thursday, 10 March 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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The Film:

Owl Power

For centuries, owls have been featured in children’s books and folk tales capturing imaginations the world over. With their haunting calls and charismatic faces, these birds remain popular but mysterious because it’s rare to catch more than a glimpse of one in the wild. Unlike their cousins, the hawks, eagles and falcons, owls are the only bird of prey able to also hunt effectively at night when they have the skies to themselves. This has helped them become one of the most successful birds on earth, but the chief reason is due to their extraordinary super powers. To examine these special skills, filmmakers enlisted the help of veteran bird handlers, experts and technology to demonstrate and test the owl’s amazing abilities.

The program follows the lives of two barn owl chicks from the moment they hatch to show their development into super-powered owls. Luna and Lily are cared for by longtime bird handlers and trainers Lloyd and Rose Buck who also raise other birds of prey in the English countryside. It takes two weeks for the chicks to open their eyes, but in just two months, they’re nearly adult barn owls and beginning their flight practice.

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The Speaker:

Mountsberg Raptor Center

Come discover the Owls of Mountsberg and the live demo of some of their owl inhabitants. For more information visit

The Evening’s Itinerary:

7 pm – Hamilton Naturalists Club

7:10 pm – Mountsberg Raptor Center

8 pm – Short break

8:10 pm – Owl Power documentary screening

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Hamilton Naturalists Club

The Hamilton Naturalists’ Club is a non-profit organization with over 600 members dedicated to the study, appreciation and conservation of our wild plants and animals.

The Club traces its history to the founding of the Hamilton Bird Protection Society in 1919. Our early achievements include the designation of Cootes Paradise as a nature reserve in 1927, and the organization of 34,000 children in Junior Audubon Clubs across Canada during the 1930’s. We celebrated our 85th anniversary in 2004. For More information visit


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Owl Power Eventbrite Registration

Owl Power