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Adventure Recreation Club`s Membership

Due to increased fee’s for Ath&Rec, Many clubs which fall within their domain have been asked to contribute $50 per member.

For years The Outdoor Club, Climbing Club and WhiteWater Club have enjoyed the benefits of Ath & Rec without having to pay any fee’s. The Clubs are provided with a spacious office, a large main floor storage room, a basement storage locker, and the services of the Business Office and their registration system without any cost. We thus understand the request to contribute to Ath & Rec through such membership fee’s.

Unfortunately, as the clubs are non-profit, there is no budget available for the clubs to pay these fee’s on the members behalf. As such the clubs have decided to come together to form 1 collaborative club – ARC – and create a $50 membership to all 3 clubs.

The  complete membership fee goes to Ath & Rec. By charging members the full membership cost directly, the club is saved from  heavy financial burden. At the same time, a source of revenue is also lost, as previous $10 membership fee’s per club used to go to the clubs them selves and contribute to their operational budgets. As such, the clubs must now look towards new fundraising and revenue sources as well as slightly* raise trip prices to make up for the lost income.

We however have not forgotten our members and have created balanced membership plan which is worth getting for our participants and includes membership to all 3 clubs, trip discounts, free workshops, free wall/tower climbs without the need for a pulse membership, and free kayak pool sessions.

It is important to note that all of our trips are open to both members and non-members. There are simply 2 different prices and those who are members end up saving on trips.

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Membership Vs. Non-Membership

Adventure Recreation Clubs Membership                                                               
______________ Members                              ($50/year) Non-Members
Outdoor Club Free – Discounted Workshops Full price Workshops~ $5-25
Climbing Club Free Tower and Wall Climbs Specific Member only dates
Full Price Wall and Tower Climbs on restricted days
WhiteWater Club Free kayak pool sessions
*will resume in september
$5 kayak pool sessions
Trips Discounted or at-cost trips Trips typically 25% more to a max of $25 more than member trip cost

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Trip Pricing Info graph

price model 2

Trips priced at-cost or discounted for Members

Trips 25% to a max of $25 more for Non-Members

Trips 25%-50% discounted for leaders (varied between trip and leader depending on overall cost, leader experience, amount of work involved)

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Membership Perks

Outdoor Club Workshops

The outdoor club hosts a variety of leadership and outdoor skill related workshops throughout the year. These cover topics ranging from fire making, shelter building, ropes and knots, winter camping, and wilderness first aid (non-certified). There are 2 types of workshops that the club hosts. The first are leader/exec organized and lead workshops which occur typically once a month. The second are special day long workshops (10-3/4pm) hosted by Kyle Mclaughlin, a long time club member and local nature fanatic, occur twice a term.

All workshops hosted by leaders/exec* are free while those offered by Kyle will be either at-cost or discounted for members. *it is important to note that any workshop that has a trinket give away will cost members the price of the item, unless they wish to forgo that trinket in which case the workshop is completely free. For instance, for ropes and tarps we provide 25 feet of cord and a tarp to all participants which they can later take home – the cost for this is included in the workshop cost. The workshop would be free for members but they must pay for the trinket (tarp and cord) if they wish to receive that. These trinkets differ between workshops.

All individuals – members and non members – must sign up and register for workshops through the DBAC business office.

Climbing Club Tower and Wall Climbs

McMaster University and the Department of Athletics and Recreation have 2 climbing facilities on campus. The 53 foot high Alpine Tower, located behind Les Prince by 10 Acre Field, and 36 foot high The Feather Family Climbing Wall, located in The Pulse Fitness Gym.

Both of these facilities have restrictions on their use. The Alpine Tower is specially reserved for groups and requires group bookings. It also has a per person cost associated to it for all group bookings. The Climbing Wall, which is located in The Pulse, requires a Pulse membership to use. The wall has both bouldering and top-roping. Those without a Pulse membership are not permitted to use the climbing wall.

Club members are allowed to use both of these facilities and come climb for FREE and WITHOUT a Pulse Membership. The Climbing Wall is available for members to use once each week on a different date and the Tower is opened up once a month for members to come climb.

No prior registration is required for members. Simply show up on the date and time indicated for the climb and bring your membership card !

non-members are not allowed to use the Climbing Wall in The Pulse, unless they have a Pulse membership. non-members can come to Tower climbs on certain days each term for a cost of ______. Pre-registration for non-members is required for tower climbs.

WhiteWater Club Kayak Pool Sessions

The whitewater club is specialized in white water kayaking. Unfortunately it is hard to find a place or time to go kayaking throughout the year. The club thus holds week Kayak pool sessions on Sunday nights in the McMaster Pools in IWC. These are great for those that want to try their hand at kayaking or just have a nice paddle in the pool. The Whitewater club also holds special kayak clinics to teach specific techniques such a rolls.

Weekly kayak clinics are free to all members and are $5 per session for non members. Kayak clinics may be discounted for members.

No prior registration is required for members. Simply show up on the date and time indicated and bring your membership card !

POOL SESSIONS ongoing through the academic year, see FB!

Discounted – At Cost Trips

All trips run through the Clubs are generally priced relatively at-cost. All though the clubs are not-for-profit, we do have an operational budget and various expenses on top of trip expenses that must be taken care of. We thus try and make around $10-15 per person depending on the trip. The “at-cost” price is the price calculated to run the trip plus the extra $10-15. Sometimes trips will be discounted, in which case the price simply be the cost to run the trip without that extra $10-15. The non-member cost is thus between 25% to $25 higher than this “at-cost” price. This allows the clubs to generate a bit more income – to make up for the lost income from the new membership system – and build the club.

Members will enjoy either “discounted” or “at-cost” trips, the latter for most cases. Non-members will be charged the non member price which is 25% more than “at-cost” up to a max of an extra $25.