Holly: President

Holly is a girl who loves dogs. She loves dogs so much that she plans on becoming a crazy dog lady after graduation. She does not have long to wait since she is currently in her last year of nursing. During her climbing rests, she has a wild dance to plan out her beta. This dance gets so dangerous that people have been known to get hit by her flailing arms and legs. She once knocked out two guys and a girl when looking at a route that began with a jump start. Holly’s climbing skills have grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years, possibly due to her erratic dance. Holly’s nickname: Mama-Holly

Nicole: Vice President/ Treasurer

Nicole brings colour to MCC, one colour, PINK! She is currently in her third year at MAC majoring in everything and minoring in anything! She has 6 years of intense and vigorous climbing under her pink belt. Although she has vast experience in the climbing world, Nicole has never been camping. Those outdoor skills may need a little help! When you see the exotic Nicole climbing you will see her sporting 1 out of 15 shade of pink nail polish and her hair swaying back  and forth (ever so elegantly) as she tops out on a nasty boulder route.

Vincent: Vice President

Vincent is in his third year of mechatronics engineering. This francophone has the ability to make Bama slopers look like climbing monkey bars. He once claimed that using his forearm was key beta to sending a problem, he also finished the same route in about three moves due to his massive ape index! True to his routes Vincent can go no longer than a week without crepes ( “not those things you call pancakes”) and his cappuccinos. Only climbing for three years now Vincent has become an incredibly strong climber. Coming soon to a crag near you,Vincent and his colourful trad rank!

Robert: Outreach Coordinator

Rob is a graduate student at McMaster, who spends all his time either with cars or with cars. His special skills include sending mad boulder problems…and more cars…

Nathalee: Social Event Coordinator

Nathalee is in her second year psychology, neuroscience and behaviour and is obsessed with the colour purple…literally goes crazy for it. She’s really into Jazz music, and if you annoy her enough, she might play some sweet tunes for you on her saxophone or keyboard (although this behaviour has never before been exhibited). The human brain is something that fascinates her, and although she can’t cook, she loves food more than she loves you. Even though Nat has only been climbing for just over a year; you can except to find her crushing every problem her chalky fingers touch. She is the Tom to Larry’s Jerry.

Larissa: Social Event Coordinator

Larissa is a second year Kinesiology student, which means her entire life revolves around proper fitness, nutrition and getting gains. On a typical day you might find her in any of her natural habitats; the pulse, a climbing wall, or at the library with starbucks. She also goes by the name Larry, and you can easily find her in crowd by her loud voice. Although she has only been climbing for over a year, Larry is a dedicated climber who is committed to sending mad routes on the daily.  She is the Jerry to Nat’s Tom.