JeffExec Position: President and savior of the Outdoor Club who free-ed it from the hands of his previous co-dictator and this is how he catches fish;
Name: Jeff McKay
Program: Something to do with math and designing things but I don’t understand it, fourth year somehow?
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Backpacking, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Snowboarding, Eating Things Off the Ground, Being Far Away From Anything
Dream Trip: Dempster Highway, look it up…
Biggest Fear: Being lonely, or dating someone that doesn’t like to dance.

Position: VP Admin (AKA secretary)
Name: Nadine McIntosh
Program: Nursing, 2nd year
Favourite Outdoor Activities:
Walking/wandering (I’m a real thrill seeker), Skating followed by tea
Dream Trip: Iceland or seeing the Northern Lights…better yet seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland
Biggest Fear: Spiders (Brown Recluse spiders are in Ontario)

ChrisPosition: Quartermaster (Gear Coordinator)
Name: Christopher “the bus” Slusar
Program: Honors Poli Sci, 4th year
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Canoe tripping, climbing
Dream Trip: Tripping through the Yukon and Alaska, Yosemite, Monument Valley
Biggest Fear: Marriage, pelicans, & killer whales and being a normal human being. Or being clean.

Position: First Aid Coordinator
Name: Sarah Freeman
Program: Honors Health Sciences, 3rd year
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Biking
Dream Trip: Climbing Kilimanjaro or to base camp of Everest
Biggest Fear: Bad haircuts and having a face that isn’t covered in rainbows.

Position: Environmental Coordinator
Name: Alana Petrella
Program: Studio Art, 4th year
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Playing in the mud
Dream Trip: Mountaineering the Patagonia Mountains
Biggest Fear: Living a life without adventure and eating too many frogs that making me throw up, EW!



Position: Environmental Coordinator
Name: Jordan Tilley
Program: Environmental Studies/Geography, 2nd year
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Hiking with my furry             sidekick
Dream Trip: Great Bear Rainforest
Biggest Fear: Having a completely indoors job!

Position: Social/International Coordinator
Name: Kelsi Littler
Program: Environmental Sciences, 4th year
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Hiking I suppose, but just generally enjoying the outdoors in whatever way is good stuff
Dream Trip: Go everywhere in Canada
Biggest Fear: Ants, and peeing myself from laughing too hard.

Position: Social/International Coordinator
Name: Maren Heimhalt
Program: Chemistry PhD, 2nd year
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Activities that need stamina like long distance running. I like to hike, cycle, and canoe with the same endurance I practice during my training.
Dream Trip: Travelling to the West Coast of Canada. Seeing a moose at some point. Hiking in Chile.
Biggest Fear: I fear both: I fear to stop traveling and I fear being a traveler forever, yet I fear nothing at all.

Position: Chief Tripping Officer
Name: Jenny Groom
Program: Health Sci, 3rd year
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Paddling, portaging, really just being out and about!
Dream Trip: Canoe tripping in the NWT, portaging over a mountain, seeing more of the world
Biggest Fear: Giving myself intravenous injections

 Position: Tripping Coordinator
Name: Charlotte Mussells
Program: Arts & Science, 4th year
Favourite Outdoor Activities: White water canoe tripping
Dream Trip: Gahhh, so many, but right now I am thinking Mongolia
Biggest Fear: Being buried alive.

Position: Tripping Coordinator
Name: Bryan Mitchell
Program: Bio & Enviro, 4th year
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Winter: Skiing, Spring: Paddling, Summer: Paddling/Climbing, Fall: Climbing/Paddling
Dream Trip: Coastal Mountain Loop: Paddle up the coast of BC, climb Mt. Logan, paddle down the Fraser River system
Biggest Fear: Drowning in any form of H2O

Position: Tripping Coordinator
Name: Ingrid Farnell
Program: Honors Biology, 4th year
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Hiking…and climbing is creeping up there
Dream Trip: Not too sure, too many options to pick from. My dream trip would be to be able to do all the trips I want to do.
Biggest Fear: Being up close and personal with an animal that has an eye bigger than my face (i.e. giant squid)