Position: CoPres Tripping
Name: Jenny Groom
Program: Health Sci, 4th
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Instructing/guiding trips OR being unprofessional and going on adventures
Dream Trip: Leaving the continent. Getting really lost in foreign cities where I don’t speak the language, relearning that English speakers are not the centre of the university and that there are other ways of communicating.
Biggest Fear: Loss.

Position: Co-Pres Admin
Name: Beatrice Fletcher
Program: ArtSci, 4th
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Ocean kayaking
Dream Trip: Kayaking in New Zealand
Biggest Fear: Tight Spaces

Position: Gear Coordinator
Name: Edward Taylor
Program: LifeSci, 3rd
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Backpacking, Wild Harvest, Motocross
Dream Trip: Akshayuk Pass, Nunavut
Biggest Fear: The movie Idiocracy coming true.

Position: First Aid Coordinator
Name: Sarah Freeman
Program: HealthSci, 4th
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Biking
Dream Trip: Climbing Kilimanjaro or to base camp of Everest
Biggest Fear: Bad haircuts and having a face that isn’t covered in rainbows.

Position: Environmental Coordinator
Name: Renee Lemmond
Program: Bio/Enviro Sci, 4th year
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Hiking/mountaineering first..Then there is trail running, mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking, and more recently climbing!
Dream Trip: I’ve always wanted to bike Canada coast to coast. I’ve also been thinking South America would be an awesome ride, pedal south towards Patagonia for some mountaineering.
Biggest Fear: Lacking the ability for human-powered motion. Falling into a crevasse would be scary too, or buried by an avalanche.

Position: First Year Coordinator
Name: Brooke Jones
Program: Kin, 4th
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Climbing anything tall: rock face, mountain, tree…you name it!
Dream Trip: Anywhere I haven’t already been….especially if there’s mountains!
Biggest Fear: Being completely paralyzed. 

Position: Social/International Coordinator
Name: Maren Heimhalt
Program: Chemistry PhD, 3rd year
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Activities that need stamina like long distance running. I like to hike, cycle, and canoe with the same endurance I practice during my training.
Dream Trip: Travelling to the West Coast of Canada. Seeing a moose at some point. Hiking in Chile.
Biggest Fear: I fear both: I fear to stop traveling and I fear being a traveler forever.

Position: Tripping Coordinator
Name: Jordan Tilley
Program: Geog & Enviro Studies, 3rd
Favourite Outdoor Activities: The outdoors ones.
Dream Trip: A trip that is dreamy.
Biggest Fear: The outdoors. 

Position: Tripping Coordinator
Name: Noah Stegman
Program: Earth/Enviro Sci, 2nd
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Hiking, skiing, fishing, canoeing, and basically all of the outdoors.
Dream Trip: Backcountry camping in Africa or the Amazon.
Biggest Fear: Being trapped in the city for the rest of my life or coming across an angry moose. 

Position: Tripping Coordinator
Name: Emily Grainger
Program: Bio, 4th
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Can’t possibly pick just one!
Dream Trip: Kayak the coast of Baffin Island
Biggest Fear: Not being able to move

Position: Tripping Coordinator
Name: Jackie Mills
Program: Kin, 3rd
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Sailing
Dream Trip: To volunteer abroad in an environment and conservation setting.
Biggest Fear: Disappointing people that mean a lot to me.

Position: King of Calculators
Name: Noah Kibur
Program: Commerce, 2nd
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Running, biking, backpacking, hiking
Dream Trip: Grand Canyon, biking across Europe, driving across America, travelling anywhere really 🙂
Biggest Fear: Heights and not being able to wear flip fops.

Position: Fundraising Coordinator
Name: Emily Salese
Program: Accelerated Nursing, 2nd
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Anything in the mountains!
Dream Trip: Anywhere & everywhere. Right now, my next trip goal is to live in Costa Rica and learn how to surf.
Biggest Fear: Library days.

Position: Secretary
Name: Nadine McIntosh
Program: Nursing, 3rd
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Hiking and skating.
Dream Trip: Iceland or Newfoundland/Cape Breton to hike and enjoy the ocean air!
Biggest Fear: Brown recluse spiders.

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