Meet our 2016/2017 Outdoor Club Team !


Name: Jacqueline Mills

Position: Co- President
Program: Kinesiology Level IV
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Sailing & hiking
Dream Trip: Torngat Mountains National Park
Biggest Fear: Swimming with fish






Name: Noah Stegman

Position: Co-President

Program: Earth And Environmental Science, Level 3 Favourite Outdoor Activities: Skiing, Canoeing, Hiking Dream Trip: Hiking through the Amazon Biggest Fear: Angry Moose, Meese?, Mooses????





Name: Michael Blaskivich

Position: Leadership Development Coordinator
Program: Science
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Bushcraft, camping, and hiking
Dream Trip: Hiking the Appalachian, Continental Divide, and PCT.
Biggest Fear: Losing my eyesight.



Name: Connor LeDrew

Position: VP Internal
Program: History and Mathematics, Level 4
Favourite Outdoor Activity: exploring, getting lost, and finding my way back.
Dream Trip: (Short term) deep water soloing
(Long term) hiking the rockies for a couple months with good friends
Biggest Fear:  Going back to who I was in my teens or not being enough.



Name: Alex Farky

Position: Gear Coordinator
Program: Kinesiology lvl 4
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Hiking, climbing, using thunderboxes
Dream Trip: Hiking through Alaskan mountains in the spring time
Biggest Fear: Having blood taken in the dark while falling?


Name: Kirsten Nikel

Position: Social Coordinator
Program: Integrated Science, level 3
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Cross country skiing, running, biking
Dream Trip: Skiing in Scandinavia
Biggest Fear: Global warming



Name: Malcolm Hartman

Position: First Aid Coordinator
Program: Health Science, lvl 4
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Hiking, Skiing, Canoeing
Dream Trip: Skiing/hiking in Grindelwald, Switzerland
Biggest Fear: Diving headfirst into water…






Name: Jeremy Miller

Position: Trip Coordinator
Program: Engineering Physics, PhD year 3
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Staring up at the night sky and listening to Carl Sagan
Dream Trip: Anything in Patagonia
Biggest Fear: The slow inevitable decent into dementia




Name: Kathleen Hasler

Position: Trip Coordinator
Program: Environmental science, lvl 3
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Skiing, Canoeing and Kayaking
Dream Trip: Seeing the Northern lights
Biggest Fear: all scary movies





Name: Kayla Cocco

Position: Finance
Program: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering, Level 3
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Canoeing
Dream Trip: Canoeing in the Yukon with Connor
Biggest Fear: Snakes

13680583_2209382032620484_7688097456810736979_nName: Spencer Williams

Position: Environmental Coordinator
Program: Arts and Science, Level 4
Favourite Outdoor Activities: Cross-country skiing, running, beach volleyball
Dream Trip: Kayaking through Norwegian fjords
Biggest Fear: Centipedes in my bed